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Real Estate Law

Attorney Charles Gravett has substantial experience in organizing and structuring businesses and act as general counsel on formation, transactions, contracts, tax issues and other business-related legal issues.

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We provide cost-effective and timely business formation and organization counseling on all aspects of establishing, operating, and growing a business.

Our services extend from the initial conference and decision-making, through document preparation and filing with appropriate authorities, including post-formation activities such as preparation and adoption of bylaws and director/shareholder resolutions.

We also draft and negotiate agreements to modify or redefine each party's obligations under an existing agreement.
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Our office can prepare your Buy-Sell Agreements, Purchase Contracts, review your legal documents and real estate documents, as well as consult with you regarding your rights and responsibilities as a business buyer or seller.

We can advise you on timely filing of required documents and represent your interests with government entities.
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Your business depends upon having properly prepared documents and legal forms to protect your interests and your profitability. We take pride in creating accurate and legally enforceable documents that will help ensure the success of your transactions.

We can advise you on timely filing of required documents and represent your interests with government entities.
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We aggressively protect your business interests and rights in any disputes arising from your business dealings, contracts, or relationships with competitors or former clients, colleagues, or employees including but not limited to: Breach of Contract; Partnership Dissolutions and Co-Owner disputes; Construction Disputes; Joint Venture Disputes; Failure to Deliver Goods; Pre-Litigation Restraining Orders and Injunctions; Interference with Contracts; Misuse Of Confidential Information And Trade Secrets; Unfair Competition; Employment Issues; and Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) disputes.

Contract and Commercial Disputes
We have extensive experience in a wide range of disputes. We work with our clients to find creative solutions that limit legal costs and minimize potential damage to their business. We can represent clients in disputes involving complex contract formation issues (including misrepresentation, concealment of material information and other disclosure issues), breach of contract, interference with prospective economic advantage, all forms of injunctive relief, breach of partnership and other business agreements, and fraudulent conveyancing.
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Chuck represents clients against the IRS, Franchise Tax Board (“FTB”), State Board of Equalization (“SBE”) and other tax agencies. Because of attorney-client privilege, it is important to have legal representation for your own interests in disputes with taxing authorities. This is a level of protection that a CPA cannot offer (unless they are also an attorney.)
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BANKRUPTCY (click section name to go to page)

Attorney Gravett has had extensive experience representing both businesses and individuals through the bankruptcy process. Please see our bankruptcy page for a fuller discussion of the issue and links to useful resources. Before proceeding with any steps in the bankruptcy process, we strongly recommend a consultation to discuss your options.
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MEDIATION (click section name to go to page)

Attorney Gravett's practice has included mediation services for many years. As an area of special interest, he has completed advanced courses in resolving conflicts in both informal and formal settings. See the mediation page for more information and links to useful resources. Mediation is generally a faster and less expensive route to resolve disputes than the formal court system.
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REAL ESTATE (click section name to go to page)

Whether or not your real estate transactions involve a broker or Realtor, our office has many years' experience in preparing and reviewing documents and representing the interests of buyers and sellers through the purchase process and through disputes or conflicts arising from real estate transactions. We also represent landlords and tenants in rental disputes. See our real estate page for further information.
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